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May 2017 Minutes


The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners of the Township of Stowe was held on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, in the Municipal Building, 555 Broadway Avenue, McKees Rocks, PA 15136.  President Parrilla called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M., and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence.

ROLL CALL: Present for roll call was Commissioner Papst, Hoffman, Puskar, McDermott, Cropper Hall, and Putas.  Commissioner Zieger was absent.  Secretary Incorvati, Engineer Meyer and Solicitor Matta were present.


MOTIONS FOR APPROVAL: Motion by Cropper Hall second by McDermott authorizing the following motions for vote;

  • Approve April 11 Public Hearing and Regular Meeting minutes
  • Appoint Theresa Richard as Commissioner of the 6th Ward by Resolution No. 9
  • Hire Brock Matson as part time laborer, to begin as soon as possible
  • Hire Nicolas DiMichele as part time police officer, pending all background checks
  • Accept resignation of Leann Heffley, effective May 19th
  • Approve payment of US Asset Management invoices from the Police and Non Uniform       Pension Plans
  • Approve conversion to LED street lighting on Orchard Street
  • Award CDBG Year 42 Phase 5 Broadway Streetscape Project to R&B Contracting
  • Participate in Mural Festival; Board to approve proposed mural
  • Donate $100 to FOR Sto-Rox Library Summer Reading Club
  • Authorize Creditech to execute judgement on Simmons properties
  • Adopt Resolution No. 10 To Opt In Allegheny County CDBG Three Year Program
  • Adopt Resolution No. 11 Handicap Parking for J. Girimonti and T. Turino
  • Approve one year lump sum payment to officer in lieu of health insurance coverage
  • Adopt Ordinance No. 999 Increase penalty for illegally parked vehicles on Tunnel Way
  • Advertise public hearing on June 12 for 54 Ohio Street condemnation
  • Based on recommendation of Planning Commission; to schedule public hearing for conditional use for Curling Club facility; approve preliminary final subdivision plan application contingent on RVE’s letter of April 24th; preliminary final site plan application contingent on letter of April 24th
  • Based on recommendation of Planning Commission, to schedule public hearing for conditional use for T-Mobile
  • Advertise public hearings for June 12th

All motions unanimously approved.

ENGINEER’S REPORT: SALDO grant; completing initial application, met with county officials, April 19, resolution needed. Workshop; met with McDermott, Puskar, Hoffman, May 1, to discuss capital projects recommends workshop for direction with Stowe Avenue and Benwood Avenue retaining walls.  DCNR; Norwood Park submitted.  Alcosan GROW; application due July 14.  PA Watershed & Restoration; met with Penndot, survey scheduled for May 8. Demolitions; investigating feasibility of demolition and asbestos survey required; estimated cost is $571,000.  CDBG Year 42; asbestos surveys completed, require wet demolition, revising specs and estimates, for rebid.  CDBG Year 43, applications submitted and asbestos inspections performed.  Alcosan Regionalization; met May 10, assisting with identification and priority analysis.  Consent Order; met with Burkhart and Bill Hamilton, Wasteload Management report submitted.  Davis Park; application submitted April 12. COG Road Program; 12th, Woodward, 9th, Nichol, Benwood repairs approx. $334,000, recommends waiting to 2018.  Met with CSX to discuss storm piping.  Brooktrout; grading permit bond submitted, preconstruction meeting pending.  Pgh Curling Club; finished reviewing submitted plans for land development and planning commission recommends approval of preliminary/final site plan, preliminary/final subdivision and conditional use hearing.  T-Mobile Wireless Facility; planning recommending conditional use hearing.


Ordinance Officer, Tax Collector, Secretary and Sewage Fund reports were placed on file.



                                       SOURCE                                  DESCRIPTION

$  18065.62                    Jordan Tax Service                  EITax; Commission due; $336.57

$   2321.26                    Keystone Collections                Commission/Costs: $2254.00

$   2298.64                    Allegheny County                     Real Estate Transfer Tax

$   1725.18                    Allegheny County                     DUI Fines

$   5080.27                    District Magistrate                     Fines

$  20636.75                   Commonwealth of PA               Sales Tax Distribution

$  16959.06                   Comcast                                   Franchise Fee

Motion by McDermott second by Hoffman to accept receipts and pay commissions due were approved by all.


Northwest EMS/114 April responses


Motion by Hoffman second by Puskar authorizing payment of May bill list totaling $98549.60 and Verizon invoice from the General Fund was approved by all.

Motion by Putas second by Hoffman authorizing payment of $60569.01 from the Sewer Maintenance Fund was approved by all.

Motion by Puskar second by Hoffman to approve payment of $500 from the Sinking Fund was approved by all.

PRESIDENT’S COMMENTS: Parrilla thanked the Board, moving ahead, great job, working as team.


Motion by McDermott second by Hoffman to adjourn at 7:30 pm was approved by all.


                                                                                    Marie B. Incorvati, Township Secretary

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